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CANADIAN MASK Procedure Mask

Level 3, ASTM Standards


Our focus is to ensure healthcare workers and individuals get the protection they need on a daily basis.


Our line of Level 3 medical face masks exceeds ASTM standards and are available for personal use and/or clinical workers. The ear-loop design offers comfort and easiness for daily use. Our masks are highly breathable and are made from hypoallergenic and latex-free materials.

Medical masks are used as a standard precaution to protect from pathogen, bacteria, and virus transmission resulting from coughing, sneezing, and talking.

Medical procedure masks are used to reduce direct transmission of infectious agents between individuals by covering the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, lungs with filtering materials. They can be used as a protection for asymptomatic individuals and a barrier for symptomatic individuals; however, no mask can completely eliminate the risk of exposure to pathogen, bacterial, and/or virus.

Medical masks are single-use products and are considered contaminated after use. The filtration efficiency and protective ability are compromised when masks become wet, torn or dislodged.


We provide most magnificent natural health food for global markets. The raw materials are carefully selected from the best resouces of Brazil, Korea, China, U.S.and Norway. All products have been tested by Quality Analyst before shipping to our valuable customers.


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